Dispute Resolution and Litigation / Mediation


Our lawyers have the full capacity to represent the clients in front of all courts of law or arbitral courts in any kind of disputes: commercial, employment law, civil law, insolvency, administrative, etc.



Our services cover the following issues:

– Settlements, Conciliation & Mediation;

– Commercial disputes arising from the interpretation and enforcement of commercial contracts;

– Debt Recovery Procedures (payment ordinance, payment summon, common procedures);

– Insolvency Proceedings & Bankruptcy matters – Failing businesses;

– Labor Law, Civil Law, Administrative Litigation;

– Arbitration organized by the International Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania;

– International disputes.



We consider Mediation as a legal, faster, and less costly way to solve conflict outside of the courts.

When people in conflict choose to solve their issues through mediation, the final outcome is an agreement.

Mediation is so effective that more people are choosing this process to find agreement on issues in their personal lives and solve business related disputes. Workable compromises, apologies, and better understanding are a few of the outcomes when people meet around the mediation table.

For this reason, we have chosen to offer our client this option in trying to solve their legal problems.