Corporate and Commercial

We can assist you in determining the most secure legal structures for operations such as incorporations, mergers, acquisitions, disposals or reorganizations of businesses or groups. We also can help you with administering your business structures and advise you on how to organize and formalize the relations among shareholders, corporate executives and employees.


The legal services provided by our law firm in the corporate and commercial field include, without being limited to the following:

–  Setting up companies, associations and/or foundations;

–  The organization and functioning of companies and non-profit entities: drafting organization and functioning regulations, legal assistance for the meetings of statutory bodies, keeping contact with the public institutions/authorities thus involved;

– Carrying out all registration formalities regarding amendments of constitutive acts correspondent to different associative organizations, due diligence for the purchase of a legal entity or of part of the assets belonging to an economic agent;

– Legal assistance and consultancy regarding the conclusion of agreements related to the companies’ management and activity;

– Legal assistance and representation for commercial negotiation procedures;

– Legal assistance and consultancy on mergers and acquisitions matters;

– Legal assistance in every stage of judicial reorganization and dissolution of companies.